for woodwind quintet
2017 | 9'

commissioned by Mill Ave Chamber Players

instrumentation: fl,ob,cl,hn,bn
category: works for small ensemble (2 - 6)


Program Notes:

Often to the dismay of those going somewhere with me, I seem to have a default speed of walking briskly. When on my own, head slightly down and earbuds in, I’m emerging from the subway headed to my destination, weaving my way around people. A red blinking hand is the only thing to bring me to a halt at an intersection too wide to make less than ideal crossing. Other times, in accordance with my characteristic “keep moving” precept, I’ll make a quick turn down a side street to avoid the red hand’s instruction. Seldom do I look up at the storefronts and skyscrapers channeling my path. Seldom do I enjoy the wait during the inconvenience of a traffic light. On a metaphorical level, my life is a journey through intersections, along sidewalks, around pedestrians. Perhaps it would do me good to slow down, enjoy the wait, and look up every once in a while to notice the things around me. That upward gaze to our surroundings is nothing more than an inward gaze, we as a society have embodied. Sometimes you like what you see, and sometimes you don’t.

First Performed:

Mill Ave Chamber Players
Sunday, February 4th 2018
Central United Methodist Church, Phoenix, Arizona, USA





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